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The bundle courses give participants the chance to view two or more online courses with one single login. The bundle courses on the site allow participants to boost their skills and knowledge to the extreme by taking the full range of online courses for a specific product or product line. The bundle courses offer an overview of all the tasks needed to perform state-of-the-art pre-installation, installation, maintenance and repairs for a Vianord system. The courses illustrate the most common points that need to be covered during all the phases of the service support, including preliminary checks, adjustments, set-ups and repairs. Please consider that the details described in one course will not be covered in the next as they will be given for granted.

Mode of Study

The Vianord TEP (Technical Education Program) is carried out as on-line studies. When carrying out on-line studies, participants need to consider that for each course they must define their hours of organized study independently. The time spent on-line, watching videos and downloading documents, is less than the time spent in the equivalent face-to-face course, therefore, the on-line method of studies requires more independent work. As a general recommendation, Vianord suggest that any specific course should be taken and completed in one single day.


To advance from one course to the next, the participant must acquire the required knowledge from the previous courses so to satisfy the basic prerequisites. Vianord decided not to force people in or out of any course and therefore there is no system in place to check and make sure participants satisfy the perquisites. It is the participant’s decision to take a course even if the required preconditions are not met.


The assessment of knowledge is not currently part of the on-line learning process and nor is the certification.